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Tile, Stone & Cabinetry Selection

After finalizing where and how you want your kitchen and bathroom placed, the next quest is determining which materials to use. As owners of Everyday Designs, LLC as well as co-owners and interior designers for 3D Building & Remodeling, LLC, we have a significant amount of experience in selecting this combination of materials.

To start, most people select cabinetry first due to the lead time in securing the cabinets. After that selection, we move on to stone, which can be quartz or a natural stone such as quartzite, marble, calcite, or granite.  We then tackle the backsplash. The range of backsplash options includes stone, subway tile, glass or other unique materials, depending on your desired aesthetic and budget. The goal is to select materials based on availability, budget, and synergy of the overall design to provide a unique, cohesive look for your home.

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