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Stacy De Terlizzi
Interior Designer

Having graduated with honors with both a BS from the University of Tampa in Business and a BA from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Interior Design, Stacy has a unique combination of both practical and creative education. Combined with over 20 years of experience, this has led her to a very pragmatic approach to the design process. She believes that designs have to first work for their intended purpose and then be made beautiful. She also believes that having a functional and beautiful home is not reserved for those with high incomes and expensive taste. As such, Stacy makes it her mission to provide design services for everyone and wants everyone to feel comfortable in seeking her help.


*Member of the Interior Design Society and National Kitchen and Bath Association

Our Process & Approach

To start, this is a collective experience meant to be shared between client and designer. We want to know you well to understand your goals so that we can properly execute a plan that will truly meet your expectations. Often times people think they know what they want and after a few exploratory questions, come to realize that the process is more nuanced and layered than they originally thought. That is where having an experienced designer who is invested in you comes in handy. Being understood and supported in creating a functional and beautiful home facilitates an end result that is truly magical!

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