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Space Planning & Organization

A common problem we see regularly is when people have ample square footage in their home but lack “space” to accomplish what they need to do. As an example, wanting to add a home office but feeling like no place can be found for it. Another common issue is organizing a home with children to function like a well-oiled machine with a place for everything and everything in its place. We specialize in reorganizing existing space to make more “room” without the need for construction and additions.  

Beyond changing how spaces are laid out within the home, there is a significant value to how each of those spaces is organized as well. Adding shelving, organizational systems, bins, baskets, etc. can make the piles of things you can’t seem to get through into a treasure trove of useful items that you can access at whim.

We believe firmly in working with what you have and making it efficient first and foremost before going through the process of drastic construction modifications. Often, a little ingenuity and re-organization can make all the difference in how your home functions and feels.  

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